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Analytics & Tricks

Icon of Address pose


Illustration of Address pose.

① Shoulder line check.

② Position of both wrists (based on right foot, %) check.

③ Upper body (shoulder~waist) vs. lower body (waist~ankle) length ratio check.

Icon of Shoulder Turn pose

Shoulder Turn

Illustration of Shoulder Turn pose.

① Angle of left shoulder.

② Left shoulder should not exceed right foot.

Icon of Pelvic Turn pose

Pelvic Turn

Illustration of Pelvic Turn pose.

① Hip spin, knee angle widening check and angle comparison from address to takeaway.

① a: Pelvic~left knee, b: Pelvic~right knee check.

③ Angle measured from address to top position.

Icon of Head Up pose

Head Up

Illustration of Head Up pose.

① Head-up check.

② Head needs to be fixed in the address, backswing, and top poses.

③ The baseline is defined and measured based on the neck position.

Icon of Sway pose


Illustration of Sway pose.

① Measurement of the position of left shoulder relative to the stance.

② If the left shoulder overturns, a sway occurs.

③ It can also occur when lower body is not balanced.

Icon of Reverse Spine pose

Reverse Spine

Illustration of Reverse Spine pose.

① Angle of tilted spine check in backswing and top poses.

② Extra arm lift without rotating the torso, and hip angle check.

③ In downswing, balance weight and use only upper body for swing.

Icon of Downswing pose


Illustration of Downswing pose.

① Downswing starts with weight movement, not hands.

② Left hip movement check before hand movement.

③ Do not turn shoulder before lowering hands.

Icon of Weight Transfer pose

Weight Transfer

Illustration of Weight Transfer pose.

① In downswing, move weight to the front of left foot.

② Fix left foot.

③ Put 3/4 of weight on left foot.

Icon of Impact pose


Illustration of Impact pose.

① Reverse K-shaped angle of the right shoulder, keep a sharp angle between waist and ankle.

② Straighten up left shoulder.

③ The left arm that leads the swing needs to stretch out.

Icon of Hanging Back pose

Hanging Back

Illustration of Hanging Back pose.

① Lack of weight transfer towards the target on the downswing.

② Shoulder line and left vertical straight line check.

③ In case of flexible swing, the ratio of b/a must be moderately small.

Icon of Chicken Wing pose

Chicken Wing

Illustration of Chicken Wing pose.

① In follow through, if left arm being unable to straighten.

② Should be released without turning your body.

③ It occurs when left hand fails to lead the downswing or a hip turn issue.

Icon of Finish pose


Illustration of Finish pose.

① In finish, the left foot should be fixed to the position at the time of setup (about 30% of the length of the left knee).

② A good finish pose leads right heel to make 90 degree angle with the ground.

③ Make a sufficient turn on your right hip.

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